WOW!! Is anyone still there?? Not only have I been the WORST blogger in the history of life… But for awhile my blog was completely broken and it looked like I ran out on all of you. 🙂 Anyway.. my life has been consumed with working with the arts smarts program at the school so I am still not caught up.  However… here are some photos of randomness to tide you over and keep thinking of photos.  🙂


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Melfort Wedding Photograhy | Lisa & Quentin

Remember these cute kids? Well….. they got married!!!! And I was their wedding photographer!  It was fun.  COLD as.. well, actually, there are no words for how cold it was that day.  I talked to my hubby that morning and it was plus six at home.  A mere five hour drive away and it was minus four thousand and six with a windchill of death.  You would never know it as those lovely ladies wore their beautiful dresses and their scarves and mittens and boots out in the freezing without a complaint or a lack of a smile. In fact, they must grow them tougher in the deep North because none of them complained about the weather.  (I didn’t either… I just internally froze)

Despite the fact that we had to have warm up breaks in between photo sessions, we had a ton of fun.  Lisa was a gorgeous bride and Quentin did his best to be the handsome groom beside her (I’d say he did a good job).  And their passel of fun and good looking bridal party people to boot.  We laughed, we danced the night away.  These two had a very special day and I cannot wait to see what their future holds!

All my love to the two of you!

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April 1, 2014 - 4:30 pm

Jessica Green - Love, love, love

Engagement Photography | Kaci & Cody

For months whenever my phone dinged to let me know I had a text and I saw that it was from my “university roomie group chat” a buzz of excitement raced through me.  I would immediately check the texts, just waiting for some exciting news.  So the day that Kaci finally text and said she was engaged I did a backflip.  Metaphorically of course, because we all know how acrobatic and athletic I am.  But I was so very excited (and still am).

I was thrilled and overjoyed when Kaci and Cody asked me if I would be their wedding and engagement photographer.  What better way for me to show these two how much I love them than to showcase it through images.  I went to visit them on the coldest, windiest day in February you ever did imagine and we had their engagement photography session outside (because they are tough).  And although we froze at times, we still had a great day.  Because they are freaking adorable and all in love and all that gooshy stuff that they really hate me going on about.

I am so happy that my beautiful friend found an amazing guy who treats her like she deserves.  You can tell he loves her oodles (and that she loves him oodles as well) and I am so happy for their little fairytale.  I cannot wait for their wedding in July and the life they live together ever after.

SO, here is one of my besties and her man.

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