WOW!! Is anyone still there?? Not only have I been the WORST blogger in the history of life… But for awhile my blog was completely broken and it looked like I ran out on all of you. 🙂 Anyway.. my life has been consumed with working with the arts smarts program at the school so I am still not caught up.  However… here are some photos of randomness to tide you over and keep thinking of photos.  🙂


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Melfort Wedding Photograhy | Lisa & Quentin

Remember these cute kids? Well….. they got married!!!! And I was their wedding photographer!  It was fun.  COLD as.. well, actually, there are no words for how cold it was that day.  I talked to my hubby that morning and it was plus six at home.  A mere five hour drive away and it was minus four thousand and six with a windchill of death.  You would never know it as those lovely ladies wore their beautiful dresses and their scarves and mittens and boots out in the freezing without a complaint or a lack of a smile. In fact, they must grow them tougher in the deep North because none of them complained about the weather.  (I didn’t either… I just internally froze)

Despite the fact that we had to have warm up breaks in between photo sessions, we had a ton of fun.  Lisa was a gorgeous bride and Quentin did his best to be the handsome groom beside her (I’d say he did a good job).  And their passel of fun and good looking bridal party people to boot.  We laughed, we danced the night away.  These two had a very special day and I cannot wait to see what their future holds!

All my love to the two of you!

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April 1, 2014 - 4:30 pm

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