About Me

Who am I?

That’s easy.  I’m Katie Toney.  I’m a visual storyteller and a dreamer.  I think everything is romantic and beautiful.  I am a Saskatchewanian, born and raised. My football team is the Roughriders and I won’t hold it against you if you cheer for the Stamps… unless they win!  I love music and I love the outdoors. I love the smell of rain, babies, horses, and freshly cut hay (in no particular order).  Oh, and I am deeply addicted to chocolate.

I value photography.  I value my job and the work that my peers do.  I believe that a good photographer is the most important part of the wedding (other than the people whom are a part of it) because I believe in story telling.

I believe in capturing you, your tears, your laughter, you love.  Your mom’s tears.  I believe in capturing the look your man gives you when he sees you for the first time and you take his breath away.  Or the way your hands shake as you put the ring on his finger.  Or the way you look as you dance in your father’s arms for the first time as a grown woman, and not his little girl.

I don’t think weddings should be a charade of trying recreate all of the awesome shots on pinterest.  The cheerleader pyramids and the charlie’s angels’ poses are not the things that I think will bring you to your knees in twenty five years when your kids make a slideshow for your anniversary.

I truly believe that life and love is truly FANTASTIC just the way that it is!  I think every bride and every mom should be able to look back at her photos and feel something.   Simply stated, I’ll capture you the fantasticism of stolen moments!  (You must know I also enjoy making up words and using exclamation points.)  At every one of my sessions, I want to capture more than how you look, I want to capture who you are!  Who you are today, right now, in this moment. Wild and crazy three year olds are allowed (and encouraged) to be silly. Impatient and less than willing dads are never asked to say cheese. Relax. Be yourselves. Let me tell your story.


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